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"Discover How To Enjoy
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Turn Stress Into Joy With These Easy
Exercises That Take Just Minutes A Day


By Christopher Markert


What if you could turn stress and tension into happiness and relaxation instantly? Image what your life would be like if your mind and body could immediately recover from everyday rush and stress.


Wouldn’t You Just Love it if You Had an "Off Switch"
for Stress, Worries and Frustrations, So You
Could Spend Your Time on Better Things?


A walk in the park, soothing music or a long soak in the bathtub do the trick for some people, but for most it isn’t so easy. If you feel you need help with de-stressed, this could be the most unforgettable article you’ll ever read. Be sure to read every word of this because the secret for instant relaxation is hidden here.


Before each question write: Q: followed by a ‘check box’ and then the question


Do you ignore your inner voice that tells you to ‘take it easy’, but instead push and force yourself regularly?

Do you live in the Rat Race and spend your days feeling overwhelmed?

Are your days a chore instead of a joy?

Do you feel empty or frustrated?

Do you feel you’re stuck in a rut?

Do you tell yourself that you got a bad deal in life because you’ve been permanently damaged by traumatic experiences?

Do you numb your inner pain by taking (prescription) drugs?


Do You Think There Ought To Be More To Life

But Don’t Know How To Turn Your Life Around?


"This really is instant relaxation"


"This really is instant relaxation. And it gets better the more often you use it. As with other things like music or sports, you improve with practice. For me this works better and easier than other methods. Quite often it gives me a moment of clarity but I can also use it like a sleep medicine at bedtime. It feels so natural to ease into the darkness.


Immediately I can feel all the lines in my face disappear while my whole body and my eyes relax. Now I know how to go to my happy place anytime I wish."


-Barry Wedgle
Publisher Exit Records
New York


Everybody knows most people never really learn how to relax and feel good inside. Although they may seem at ease on the surface, they’re usually tense underneath.


If you experience consistent feelings of frustration, uncertainty, worry, fear, resentment, regret or anger, no matter how much you achieve, the quality of your life is still grounded by those emotions.


Neither in our family, nor in school, nor later in life are we taught how to function easily, joyfully and efficiently. Instead we’re constantly reminded to push and force ourselves and to ignore our inner discomfort and frustration.


Feeling Tense Inside Is Worse Than Being Sick;

It Makes You Feel Empty And Frustrated…


Until now you may have told yourself that you must always strain and struggle to accomplish things before you can allow yourself the luxury of feeling good. Perhaps you’ve been taught since your childhood...

  • That you can enjoy yourself only in the evening, when the day’s work is done
  • That you have to toil and sweat all year before you deserve an enjoyable vacation
  • That you’re allowed to enjoy life only in old age after you’ve worked hard for 50 years

I’m sure you know that even relationships, possessions, titles, status symbols and other assets are bound to make us unhappy in the end. Although each new acquisition satisfies us for a while, we soon feel empty and poor again, and yearn for the next "must have".


But when you begin to follow your inner signals you avoid this vicious circle. You’ll realize that you can enjoy almost all phases and aspects of your everyday life.


Your Inner Compass Is Always Right,

Whether You Think So Or Not


The truth is that most of the joy, satisfaction and energy you need in life is within your reach, in your own world. But to see this you have to be in touch with yourself and know how to relax. Clearly when you listen to your inner compass you’ll see the enormous range of little joys that each day offers, such as:

  • Remembering a wonderful experience
  • Feeling proud of a job well done
  • Visiting a friend
  • Listening to the wind in the trees
  • Making someone happy
  • Watching a favorite TV program

The great news is that there’s a leading program now available that’ll help you stay serene and stress-free. It’ll give you all the insights to achieve better sleep, more comfort, more ZING in your afternoons and less stress in your life. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make your world look beautiful and meaningful again, by simply using the methods in this program. The more you read, the more you won’t want to be without this incredible program.


No longer do you have to resort to poor substitutes like drinking, over-eating, senseless shopping, endless TV watching, smoking, drug-taking or other addictions.


This is the Real Thing, the Key to Lasting Fulfillment.

Too Good To Be True?

I Thought So Too… Until I tried it


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christopher Markert and I’ve developed a method that enables me to enjoy life to the fullest. I’ve been practicing this method in my daily life, and I now see the world in a completely different light.


Previously I felt a need for improvement but didn’t know where to look. There ought to be more to life than just getting by or muddling through, I thought. What was the use of straining and struggling when the world didn’t make much sense and my own life lacked meaning?


Years I looked for answers; I combed through ancient books of wisdom and modern success manuals, I studied religious scriptures of various faiths, classic philosophies, psychological theories and New-Age revelations.


Then I hit on a simple way of staying in tune with life by staying in touch with my body. I now have a very different attitude towards life. Quite different than most people.


I can sense that most people aren’t in touch with their "center of joy". They think they can only enjoy life if the sun shines ... if they meet the ideal mate ... if the stock market goes up ... if their partner does what they want them to do ... if corruption in government stops ...


Of course I also encounter thoughts or situations that annoy me sometimes. But now these irritations are my wake up call to use my method and the annoying thought or situation loses its power because I tackle it immediately.


Can You Remember the Last Time You Felt Really Great?
Imagine If You Could Feel Like That Most of the Time,
Every Single Day From Now On!


"I highly recommend this method"


The advice and exercises are easy to put into practice, and have had a profoundly beneficial effect on many of my patients. I highly recommend this method.

Dr. Alexander Verdugo
The American British Cowdray Medical Center
Mexico City, Mexico


Let Me Tell You How It Works…


Medical research has shown that visualizing simple black shapes (such as letters or velvet) profoundly influences all functions of our mind and body. As soon as our eyes ease into a state of deep relaxation, the other organs also relax. Your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, spine, all your muscles and your nervous system calm down and function more smoothly and efficiently. This strengthens your immune system and healing energies are mobilized. Your memory improves, and your mind becomes in effect more intelligent.



The Beneficial Effects Scientists
Have Found About Deep Relaxation


The beneficial effects of deep relaxation have long been known, especially in India and the Far East.


More recently, scientists in the West have proven the negative effects of strenuous habits. Dr. Edmund Jacobsen at Harvard University discovered that habitual strain is at the root of most emotional, mental and physical disorders.


He came to the conclusion that all our problems fade away when we learn to relax our eye muscles.


Dr. William Bates researched the role of mental strain in vision disorders for 30 years. He saw that the underlying cause of faulty vision lies in wrong habits of thinking. To cure this condition he developed several simple methods. The most important of these involved the visualization black images, letters and dots. In this way he helped people find inner rest, and to break the habit of tensing and staring. In most cases the patients noticed that other health and nervous problems also disappeared as their eyesight improved. Complaints like headaches, stomach problems or emotional disorders were mysteriously healed.



Relax, Feel Good in Seconds is a program that’s based on my studies, research and practice lasting over 25 years. I’ve compressed the very best of decades of research into this. It discloses the exceptional techniques with which I enjoy my perfect health and vision at age 80!


I’ve found that there’s only 1 way to get the mind back to normal: through relaxation. Let me teach you how to replace strenuous and negative thought patterns with relaxed, happy ones. By practicing the exercises in Relax, Feel Good In Seconds you’ll learn how to do this in a matter of seconds.



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The Secret to Instant Relaxation and
Happiness is Picturing Total Darkness


You might wonder if you can solve all your problems by simply closing your eyes and picturing black… Look, the problems of the "real world" may still be there (family quarrels, money worries, health problems or self-doubts) but you suddenly know how to deal with them. What counts is not "reality" but how you react to it. As soon as your mind clears up and stops straining when you picture black, you know what to do and this makes you happy. You simply can’t picture black and be unhappy at the same time. The method looks simple, but it can radically change your life.


You might also think that it’s just another way of relaxing or meditating and that it offers nothing new. Well, unlike other relaxation or meditation programs, Relax, Feel Good in Seconds gives you the profound experience of "seeing total blackness" that makes this method unique.


Or you might associate negative feelings with visualizing ‘black’. The enlightened Indian mystic Osho explained it this way:



Osho on Darkness


One thing: darkness is eternal. Light comes and goes and darkness remains. In the morning the sun will rise and there will be light, in the evening the sun will set and there will be darkness. For darkness nothing will rise – it is always there. It never rises and never sets. Light comes and goes; darkness remains. Light always has some source; darkness is without source. Light has a certain disturbance; that’s why you cannot sleep in light. It creates a tension. Darkness is relaxation, total relaxation.


My own experience with these techniques [visualizing total darkness] is very beautiful. If you can do them they are wonderful. You will enter such a deep relaxation that you have never known.


Excerpts from

‘The Book Of The Secrets’

by Osho



Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Find Out In This Truly Rejuvenating Program


How to stop the flow of useless thoughts and inner chatter - Get rid of worries, stress and frustration with these relaxation exercises; you’ll feel revitalized in a heartbeat.



How to boost your overall health – See your need for doctors, therapists, hospitals and medicines decrease drastically. You’ll seldom get sick because your immune system improves.



How to build self-confidence and be more easygoing – Notice a curious change with the people around you; they seem friendlier and open up to you because they react to your relaxed attitude.



How to live in the HERE and NOW – You’ll no longer experience your past or future as problematic or feel a helpless victim of circumstances - You’ll be the master of your fate.



How to improve your eyesight –Just do any of the soothing and relaxing exercises a couple of minutes a day and you’ll see your eyesight improve within weeks!



How to look and feel year younger - You’ll add years to your life because you avoid the needless wear and tear that comes with stress and tension.



How to feel centered – You’ll stop worrying and instead recognize the wonderful gifts life throws at you every single day.



Discover new flexibility and balance in your body - The soothing effects of deep relaxation will make your neck muscles relax, straighten out your spine and make your breathing deeper, calmer. You’ll feel great!



Your memory will improve; you’ll easily remember important things.



How to be more intelligent - You’ll learn and understand things faster, you’ll think more clearly.



How to be "lucky" more often – You’ll avoid obstacles that you might have stumbled over before, and you’ll see opportunities that you may have missed before because your thoughts and actions are now in harmony with each other.



How to regain your instinct for healthy and life-supporting food – You’ll no longer crave "junk food" that undermines your mental and physical health.



You feel a kinship with nature and animals – Wouldn’t it be great to notice and be grateful for our earth’s living creatures? You’ll re-open your eyes to the wonders our beautiful planet offers you.



How to spot inner tensions in a heartbeat – Find out how to get rid of tensions fast and get your happy state back in no time.



How to add meaning to your life and make sense of the world - To explain the meaning may be difficult. But when you know how to live in tune with your center and relax, each minute becomes a joy. Perhaps this is the meaning of life?


Plus a whole lot more as I unravel the core issues of turning stress into joy through relaxation.


You’ll Get Tangible Results In All Areas Of Your Life.
A Few Moments of "Seeing Black" is a Better Investment
Than Almost Any Other Activity


"What amazes me is that it’s full of
inspirations and boundless wisdom"


This is not another self-help program for meditation, this is a Revolution!

This is the best book I’ve read in years. What amazes me is that it’s full of inspirations and boundless wisdom and yet the method is so simple. Many ideas presented really make you revisit your idea of yourself and the messages are so powerful that they can change your world. My sincere gratitude goes to Christopher Markert for bringing us such a wonderful gift. Thank-you!

Karola Gruenenbaum,
Stuttgart, Germany


What’s More, You’ll Automatically Get These

Incomparable Extra Benefits:


You’ll empower your mind to be calm, alert and focused – Discover the awe-inspiring sense of knowing that you can achieve more in less time.



Besides dramatically releasing your overall tension, you’ll also find fast relief from headaches and feeling overwhelmed.



You seldom feel tired – By doing these easy and practical exercises and you’ll boost your energy level.



Your bad moods occur seldom and pass quickly. Discover how to renew your spirit and energize your mind; experience for yourself how great this feels.



You’ll feel at home in your body and in the world – It’s an amazing feeling to know that life supports you.

If you're in a hurry and can't wait to get started, click here to experience Relax, Feel Good In Seconds now.


Obviously the Relax, Feel Good in Seconds program is a smart choice. But don't take my word for it. Here's what others have to say about it...

  Here's What Other's Have To Say About It...


I've been searching my whole life for answers. I didn't know the questions, but I wanted the answers anyway. I tried many things, but they all led to disappointment. Then I discovered Relax, Feel Good in Seconds and I experienced more fulfillment in the first day than I had in 3 years of soul-searching on my own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Brandon Peters, St. Augustine, FL, USA



I’m 25 years old, and in Sydney I managed bars and restaurants in Manly Beach. It was a busy life, with lots of good friends and parties. But one day I was sitting at the beach, feeling upset about my life and the way it was going. I wanted to change my life. I found out about Relax, Feel Good in Seconds and learned that happiness is within my own reach. I became aware of what I was doing and where I was going and started seeing things in a whole new light. I no longer have a grim outlook on life. I find myself living my life more joyously and now realize the potential I have within. Thank you Chris for inspiring and enlightening me.

Allan Morgan, Sydney, Australia



"Relax, Feel Good in Seconds is so simple and yet so effective! The exercises are truly relaxing and give me a serene sense of peace. Besides feeling rejuvenated I enjoy more energy and a focused mind."

Martha Larson, Breckenridge, CO, USA



By Getting Into the Habit Of "Seeing Black"
You Become Healthier, Happier and Wiser


Earlier on, I asked you the question: "Wouldn’t you just love it if you had an ‘off switch’ for stress, worries and frustrations so you could spend your time on better things?" Since you're still reading this, I'm going to assume you answered "Yes." Well, now that I've shown you how Relax, Feel Good in Seconds can help you achieve this, it's time for you to act on this.


Look, the only person who’s really interested in improving your life is YOU! Just take a moment to take care of YOU for a change and do the exercises in the program; that’s all there's to it to get rid of stress, inner pain and general unhappiness. Re-discover your "source of joy" and treat yourself to this wonderful wellness program.


But why bother with relaxation exercises when we can relax the easy way by having a drink, a smoke or a happy pill? Americans now spend about $500 billion on substances like Valium, Prozac, Ritalin, alcohol, cannabis and cocaine each year.


Obviously you still believe in the wisdom and self-healing forces of your body, and you know you don’t need to rely on chemical crutches to stay healthy and happy.


So how much do you think I should charge for an incomparable program that’ll last you a lifetime? Well, let me ask another question: How much money do you spend on (prescription) drugs, nicotine, senseless shopping, therapy etc? How much would it be worth to you to start feeling really great again, to find direction again, to find inner peace and serene relaxation?

Clearly your answer could easily be $250, but it’s probably a lot more, right?


But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. I sincerely want to help you to be yourself and to find real happiness because I think this is the most fulfilling, beautiful and exciting thing that can happen to anybody.

Your investment in your overall wellbeing – and in your life – is only $27.00. And if you order by , for a limited time only, you’ll get these valuable bonuses absolutely free when you order right now.


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8 Beautiful Reminder Cards


Print them and put 1 in your purse or wallet, stick 1 on your bathroom mirror, hang 1 in your bedroom, keep 1 in your car and your workplace, give some to friends and relatives.


These wonderful Reminder Cards will keep you on track feeling relaxed and stress-free!


Value: Priceless!




Wisdom Bites on Profoundness


Have you ever asked yourself this question: “Who am I really?”

Very few us can answer this question straight away.


Life is not about what you are, but about who you are. Who are you deep inside?


Defining yourself is one of the most difficult things to do. Let this E-book help you find out who you really are.


 Value: Priceless!




Wisdom Bites on Discovering Your True Potential


Discovering your True Potential is something very few of us do.


Very likely you too have not discovered yet your vast and never-ending possibilities.


Be sure that you too can do extraordinary things and achieve anything you put your mind to. Let this e-book open your eyes to your true potential!


 Value: Priceless!




Wisdom Bites on Love


Love is one of the most important things in our lives.


Love is something that can’t be bought. It is something you give to others and others give in return to you.


Love, care and kindness give true meaning to your life. Moments filled with love are the moments you truly live.

 Value: Priceless!




"Guaranteed Success Thinking"

by Jim Edwards


This e-book will change your life (if you let it)

  • Discover the secrets to "thinking" your way straight to success...
  • How to instantly change your day-to-day reality into a DREAM LIFE...
  • Exactly HOW to get on the path to whatever you want in life -- NOW...
  • Learn the SECRETS of "Guaranteed Success Thinking"... and MUCH more!

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Try it Risk-Free
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You have a 90-day guarantee to try Relax, Feel Good in Seconds totally risk free.


I'm 100% certain that when you are committed, and do the exercises you will know how get instant relaxation and turn stress and tension into joy.


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So go ahead, and get the Relax, Feel Good in Seconds program today without risking a dime!




This 170 page program is available in e-book (electronic book) format. It is available as a digital download now at only US$27.00!

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YES, I want to turn stress into joy now!
Give it a chance to work for you. Go ahead and order. I invite you to take a moment out of your busy day and let my program become an oasis of calm. You'll just have to experience it for yourself.

Such a small price to pay for a program that gives you deep inner rest together with overall better health and emotional well-being. I have faith that when you decide to make the tiny investment in Relax, Feel Good in Seconds, you will change your life forever.

Your friend in health,

Christopher Markert
P.S. Don't delay any longer. Your emotional and physical well-being are worth a thousand times more than the small amount that you're going to pay for my program.
I can't wait to hear how Relax, Feel Good in Seconds has helped you in your quest for better quality of life. Experience it for yourself and order now. You'll be glad you did!


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