Relax, relaxation, de-stress

About the Author; Christopher Markert

Chris Markert has written a unique self-help books for a wide audiences.He immigrated to the USA from Germany, where he had studied sociology at Munich University and worked in public opinion research at the Institut fuer Demoskopie.


His book: Relax, Feel Good In Seconds, is really revolutionary yet based on scientific research. It shows how our daily life and our relationships can become more rewarding and enjoyable when we find deep inner rest by relaxing our eyes. In a matter of minutes or even seconds we can literally turn stress into joy.


In 1970 his first book was published, Test Your Emotions, which sold over 700,000 copies in nine countries.His book on vision improvement sold 250,000 copies in six countries, including the USA.


In recent years he has written six books about holistic medicine and the practical aspects of Far-Eastern wisdom that were translated into a dozen languages.


Now he has created Relax, Feel Good In Seconds, an even more effective and user-friendly way of helping people to turn stress into joy through relaxation.


At age 80+ Chris enjoys the best of health and feels better than ever.